How to Sponsor a Monk

Counting everything from the food and clothing to the last stick of wood, it costs around $1 US a day to completely take care of a monk. A contribution of just $30 a month ($360 a year) will feed, clothe, educate and house a monk. If your budget doesn't allow for this, you can also partly sponsor a monk for $20 US per month ($240 per year) or $10 US per month ($120 per year.)


When you sponsor a monk, you make a personal comitment to continue the sponsorship for one year or more, and you are encouraged to communicate with your monk on a regular basis. You will receive a photo of the monk you sponsor, a receipt and a letter of thanks from the monastery. Sponsoring a monk in this way is also an acknowledgement of the courage that many of these men are showing in their decision to leave their homeland where they cannot pursue their spiritual beliefs and practices.

Program Funding

Many of the monks come from very poor families or have fled from the Himalayan region in Tibet with nothing but tge robes they were wearing. They cannot afford to pay a regular contribution for their food and accomodation. By accepting these monks into the community, the monastery takes on the full responsibility for their welfare.


At present the monastery has no independent funding. This creates uncertainty for the future of the monastery and is not a good basis for avgrowing community. Itvis imperative to secure the future for thevmonastery financially to enable it to survive and fulfill its responsibility towards the members of its community.


Gaden Jangtse Tsawa Khangtsen has therefore created a sponsorship program that would enable the monastery to take carevof its members andvprovide the daily necessities for them. All contributions from sponsors go directly to this scholarship fund and will be used to help pay the expenses of the monastery for housing, food, clothing, education and medical of the monks.

Photo credit: Janie Dvorak Compton


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