Here are examples of what the Gaden monks can do during a program.




Teaching on Buddhist Texts

Teaching on Buddhist Practices

Sand Mandalas



Butter Sculptures

Interviews and conferences

Traditional Tibetan Workshops


Special Activities

Tibetan Medical Consultation



Empowerment (Initiations)

Ven. Geshe Sonam of Gaden Tsawa.




1) Buddha Amitaba (Buddha of Pure Land)

2) Medicine Buddha (Buddha of Healing)

3) Avalokitesvara (Bodhisattva of Compassion)

4) Manjushri (Bodhisattva of Wisdom)

5) Vajrasattva (Boddhisattva of Purification)

6) White Tara (Bodhisattva of Enlightenment Activity)


1) Buddha Namghel Ma (Elimination of Bad Karma)

2) Bodhisattva Varasattva (Body, Speech and Mind Purification)




3) Buddha Amitayus (Long Life Purification)

4) Bodhisattva White Tara (Healing Purification)



Gaden Tsawa monks conducting a fire puja.



1) 100/1,000 offerings to all Buddhas and Dharma Protectors Puja

2) Puja for dead person (Powa)

3) Guru Puja

4) Healing Pujas (different Pujas for specific healings)

5) Puja for peace

6) Taking Refuge (for becoming a Buddhist)

7) Fire Puja

8) Puja for Dharma Protector (Dharmapala)

Teaching on Buddhist Texts

1) Lam-rim (The Graded Path Leading to

Liberated Mind)

2) Three Principle Paths (Renunciation,

Bodhichitta, and Wisdom)

3) Karma

4) Impermanence

5) The Four NobleTruths



6) Twelve Interdependence Links

7) Six or Ten Paramitas

8) Emptiness

9) Bardo, (the intermediate state for death and rebirth)

10) Lojong (mind training)


Teaching on Buddhist Practices

1) Basic Buddhist Practices (Refuge, Prostration, Mandala Offering etc)

2) Seven Limb Offerings (Prostration, Offering, Rejoicing, Dedication, etc)

3) Basic Meditation (Ninefold Breathing, Mindful Breathing)


4) Visualization of Buddha or Boddhisattva

5) Retreat

6) Sunyata Meditation (Meditation on Emptiness)

7) Purification practices


Sand Mandalas

Sand Mandala of Green Tara



1) Medicine Buddha

2) Buddha Amitayus

3) Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara

4) Bodhisattva Manjushri

5) Bodhisattva Green Tara

Butter Sculptures

Butter Sculpture



1) Buddha Sakyamuni

2) Bodhisattva White Tara

3) Medicine Buddha

4) Bodhisattva Manjushri

Interviews and conferences

1) What is Buddhism?

2) How to practice Buddhism

3) Monk's lifestyles

4) How to become a Buddhist

5) Buddhist vows



6) Bodhisattva vows

7) Compassion

8) Healing by Mantras

9) What is Karma?

10) Is there life after death?

11) Reincarnation

Traditional Tibetan Workshops

The monks can assist in chanting workshops by demonstrating polyphonic voice for chanting and teaching mantras; and in Mandala workshops by showing participants the meaning of a specific Mandala and how how it is constructed







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The Black Hat Dance




1) Receiving the portrait of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and paying homage (respect to teachers past and present)

2) The Dance of the Four Dakinis

3) (Chod) Cutting Rituals

4) The Black Hat Dance

5) The Yak Dance

6) Dance of the Lords of Death

7) The Drum Dance

8) Traditional Tibetan Buddhist Debate

9) The Snow Lion Dance

10) The Deer Dance

11) A Prayer for World Peace/Dedication

Special Activities

1) House/factory/office blessing

2) Shrine room blessing

3) Buddha statues blessing/purification

4) Buddha statues painting








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Tibetan Medical Consultation

Dr. Sang Tashi Domgey


Tashi Domgey Tibetan Herbalist

Dr. Sang Tashi Domgey is a Doctor of Traditional Tibetan Medicine.  He completed his medical degree at the Institute of Tibetan Medicine and Astrology in Dharmsala India.  The practice of Tibetan Medicine has been in an unbroken linage in his family since the 15th century.

Dr. Domgey offers consultations in Traditional Tibetan Medicine, Traditional Tibetan Astrology and Tibetan Divination "MO".

Individually scheduled medical consultations with the Tibetan doctor can be arranged through your local host.

Photo credit: Janie Dvorak Compton

Except Dr. Sang Tashi Domgey by Hot Shot Photo

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